As you know, our country, surrounded by oceans, assumes responsibility to contribute to the enhancement of living standards and the development of cultures and industries for people all over the world by connecting each country and region of the globe through marine transportation.

With our corporate philosophy of "sharing the value and importance of marine transportation with customers and communities as the best partner for mutual prosperity", Shoyo Seatraders Co., Ltd has expanded business based on two major pillars of operations: 'ship chartering' and 'marine transportation agency'. Concerning ship chartering, we allocate safe ships at low costs to our customers in Japan, China, Korea, Russia and Southeast Asia based on the strong business relationships with particularly the owners of bulk carriers. We as a marine transportation agent collect and provide accurate information to our clients in safely manners in order to support safe navigation and gain the trust of both cargo and ship owners.

We are determined to contribute to the development and progress of the marine transportation industry by responding to more and more diversified needs of our dear customers in the future as the best partner. We would appreciate your support and cooperation.

Best regards.

Yao Weizhong

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